Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thrifting Update - May 1

This past week, on top of holding my own garage sale, I made it to three estate sales. One was FABULOUS! And I didn't get there until the second day. Half of a large pole shed - FULL! I walked away with some beautiful linens and a couple other nice little finds. The other two estate sales were on their final days but I still found some nice things - and all at 1/2 off. Not bad!

A stack of hankies and Washington D.C. scarf from the Pole Shed sale along with a great old book with a fabulous cover, one book end and a blue vase from a townhouse sale on it's final day. 

A Rosemeade swan planter, pink doll house furniture and vintage puzzles from the townhouse sale and a great taper candle mold from another sale (it cost a whole $1). 
A beautiful linen in near perfect condition from the pole shed sale.

My FAVORITE ITEM of the week. A clothespin apron with two adorable appliqued bluebirds on it!
It cost about $1.60. TOO COOL! (Found at the Pole Shed Sale).

A set of 4 great vintage napkins, a milk blass strawberry and a flowered towel from the pole shed sale and a bag of vintage sewing fasteners from the townhome sale. 
Fabulous pot holders from the Pole Shed Sale. I have found that washing them with a nice coat of baking soda and then letting them sit in the sun bleaches out a lot of stains they may have. I no longer let stains deter me from buying as I have had such good luck with baking soda and sun. 
My favorite pot holder. I just love the vintage feedsack used to make this. So much history in one little piece!

Planters from the pole shed sale. They were .50 each and I am going to fill them with hens and chicks and sell them at the market this weekend.

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  1. Hi sweet Carrie! You found so many gorgeous vintage goodies and at great prices too! You can't find things like that around here! :( But, I am happy for you sweetie and love to see your finds! I hope you have fun at the market and will do well. I am sure you will sell all your pretties! Much love and many blessings, Paula xo