Monday, May 21, 2012

A Brief Thrift Update

There has still been lots of thrifting and garage sales. Lots of great finds! My mother-in-law and I headed out last week and had a FABULOUS Thursday. Filled the truck!  A couple finds: an aluminum tackle box - 50 cents, an old wooden rolling pin with black handles - 25 cents, a blue cupboard - $1.00,  a mid-century modern wooden bird note holder - 50 cents and a variety of linens for .10 to 1.00.

The ship is the Edmund Fitzgerald - a legendary ship in these parts.
It sank on Lake Superior in the early 70s. Gordon Lightfoot even has a song about it!

The stack of linens from the week.

$1.00 for the cabinet and .50 for the tackle box.

I just LOVE this wildflower tin! It was a quarter! Not sure yet if it is going to love at my house or  get sold...

An awesome goose, a Pyrex bowl (1.00), a Boy Scout cantene (.50) and a butterfly tim (.10).

My MIL blogged about the final sale of our day over at her site so hop on over and visit her for a look at an amazing sale in a wonderful garden!

(Sharing over at Her Library Adventures this week.)

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