Sunday, May 6, 2012

Goose Lake Winery Artisan & Farmer's Market - May 5 - October 27

Yesterday was my first day participating in the Goose Lake Winery Artisan & Farmers Market. My mom came and long and helped and I think we both had a very nice day despite it ending in rain. I am looking forward to participating as many Saturdays as I am able until the market wraps on October 27. 

There were appx. 8-10 vendors and that goes up and down week to week. There was a potter, healing salves, soaps and lotion, treat jars, cards, dog treats, scarves, blacksmith iron work, rugs, canned goods, dip mixes and bloody mary mix. And I had my handmades (bags, washclothes, pin cushions, purse pouches, etc.) along with a nice selection of domestic and farm themed antiques.  The best sellers for me were my bags which really made my day! I sold 5 of them! Which means I need to get sewing to replenish my stock!!!

The winery is a working winery which hosts tastings at the same time as the market. It is also a working farm with lots of animals to see.  A really neat place to spend a day!

My booth - two tables plus the drying rack holding my bags.

The tall shelf in the center holding my pin cushions sold so my mom has a replacement item for me -
a garden gate planter  - can't wait to put it to use!

An overall view.

I was really happy with how it turned out! We got there at 8A and were ready to go when the market opened at 10A. The rain started to come down at around 2P so we were really happy that it is in a greenhouse. The market closes at 3P. A really nice length of time.

The Nowthen Lions were there giving hay rides and serving food. The chickens decided they wanted to go for a ride!

And lay an egg or two...
There are quite a number or peacocks there and they spent the first hour "meowing" and protecting their territory. Amazing birds! Beautiful yet VERY loud!

The farm is also the home to probably the world's most ugly chicken...

An overall view of the space.

A couple of the resident sheep.

Some of the grape vines.

I am looking forward to going back and almost wish I hadn't committed to another sale this next weekend but that one will be fun too - a flea market at a local antique shop in Anoka. I will have basically the same items there minus a few of the handmades and a few more antiques. More on that later...

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  1. Hello dear Carrie, I so wish I could have been there! Your table looks fantastic and I am not one bit surprised you sold so many of your gorgeous bags! You have so many beautiful things that you have made and found, I am sure it was a delight to all that shopped with you! The farm looks lovely too! Have fun next weekend! Love and blessings, Paula xo