Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday - Weekly To-Do-List

I have been failing miserably lately in accomplishing things that I need to get done. When I worked outside the home I always had a running list on my desk of what I needed to get done and crossed things off as they were completed. SO - I am going to try something similar here. Each Monday I am going to post myself a check off list. Then, on Sunday, I am going to cross off what actually got accomplished. So, this week's list:

1. Complete Feed Sack Bag for MIL (stereotype for shop fodder)
2. Clean out Little's dresser in preparation for seasonal clothing change
3. Plant potatoes and onions
4. Rake out back garden bed
5. Complete 1 project from UFO pile
6. Make jam/jelly from remainder of last year's berries
7. Clean linen closet

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