Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer In Minnesota Comforter

This comforter is destined for our camper bed. I started this comforter last summer with a vision in my head of something sturdier enough for my boys could haul in and out of the camper and house. A place for games, stories and snacks.  The project began by cutting loads of 5x5 squares from fabrics that I had laying around. Fabrics that I couldn't see destined for another project. Also incorporated are embroideries that I had done when I just needed something to busy my nervous hands. Also included are squares cut from a remnant of state birds fabric that I though would be perfect in the quilt I pictured . As I got into the project I decided that in order it to really be a "Summer Comforter" I needed to incorporate more images of summers here in our home state of Minnesota. So, I got the boys input and so a fish, frog, fireflies, camper, squirrel, mosquito, loon (our state bird), lady slipper (our state flower) and a few other embroideries were made and added. It then became a true "Summer In Minnesota" comforter and it is now finished. My mom and I tied it last week and she finished the binding over the weekend. It is currently on our bed in the house but as soon as camping season starts it will make it's way to our rolling home. I can't wait to use it!!! Now,  if Spring would just come to stay - snow is forecasted for today and tonight - summer in Minnesota right now feels like a pipe dream.

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