Monday, August 2, 2010

Field Trip Day With Grandma - Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park

The power of water

Last Thursday my mom and I took my nephew and my 2 boys to the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park. We had a wonderful time! We explored the great visitors center where we saw some local snakes, frogs, toads and turtles. We then played on the rock beach and searched for agates (even found a couple little ones), had a picnic and ended our time there with a walk across the dam. What an impressive site! All that power from our great Mississippi that we cross over every day. The boys even got a lesson from a Pollution Control Agency employee who was collecting samples from each side of the dam to see if the dam made a difference in e-coli growth. They were very interested in how he collected the water and how it was tested. It was a wonderful, impromptu science lesson.

Grandma and the boys

A local resident

Trying to wrap themselves around a 350 yr old Burr Oak tree

Rock hounds with the dam in the background

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