Monday, August 9, 2010

Flekkefest Weekend

This past weekend we made our annual trip to Flekkefest, the annual celebration in the small town where my husband's mother grew up. The town was settled by Norwegian settlers so all over during the celebration you see little reminders of that from the Norwegian flag flying to the food served (my favorite is rommegrot, a Norwegian flour pudding served with cinnamon and melted butter on top - YUM!). In my mind there is nothing like a small town festival - a handmade mini golf game, used book sale at the library, sidewalk sales on the main street and craft sales on the City Hall green - all rounded out with a parade full of tractors and fire trucks and Shriner's driving little cars topped off with more candy thrown than any one child can eat in a year. So much fun!!! We also were able to see Grandma give a tour of the old town site where her Great Grandfather had a flour mill. My children were the 6th generation to be in the one-room school house where the tour was given. They also walked around the museum where they are able to see the forefathers on my husband's side represented. I love that they are learning about their own history! I enjoyed the quilt exhibit of signature and crazy quilts that my mother-in-law helped set up. Such amazing handwork! And what better way to wrap up a wonderful day on the prairie than holed up in a Target store sitting out a Tornado Warning. A couple did touch down east of us but the worst we saw was a tree down over the road by my in-laws which we took care of.

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  1. love the new pictures. Had such a good time at Flekkefest. Also looked at some of the older posts that I had missed. Molly looked with me and we loved your stories! Gramma Melon