Monday, August 16, 2010

My Little Creating Corner

I have carved out a little niche for myself in the corner of our dining room where I can go and create while still being accessible to the family. With a few acquisitions this summer I finally having the room looking and working as I like. The green cubby shelf above was found by my mom and I in Buffalo and I love it! It provides storage as well as style in my little corner.

Here is a view of the overall corner including the little table that my mom and I also found in Buffalo. Our favorite part about it is that the drawer has a little spot for an ink well complete with ink stains! I love when things show their past lives.

The little shelf that came from my in-laws antique shop now has a new home in my craft corner versus in our kitchen and I think it is perfect here. Fits folded fabrics perfectly!

Here is a view of the whole room and I love how it works. There are still a few things to add including an inspiration board above the desk but I love adding as I go.

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