Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Images From The Shore

To celebrate the end of the school year my family, Mom and Dad, brother and his family and the four of us, headed to the North Shore, which is actually the eastern edge of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. We stayed at a resort on the water and, overall, had a wonderful time! We plan on making this a yearly excursion! 

Here are just a few images from our long weekend...

There were Luna Moths on the outside of the lodge. Very cool!

Also very "cool"! My eldest (and later his cousin joined him) waded out into
freezing Lake Superior to stand on this massive boulder.

Cairns left by previous beach combers.
A favorite past time of Lake Superior visitors is rock hunting - for agates in particular.
The prize agate proved elusive this trip. There is always next year!

The oldest and the youngest of my parents grandchildren. I love this picture!
Rock hunting!

Minnesota's state flower - the Showy Lady Slipper! Surrounded by a bed of white trillium's.
Found blooming at Cascade State Park.

A rainbow in the spray at Cascade.

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  1. Hello sweet Carrie! I have enjoyed catching up on your lovely posts, sweetie! I have gotten behind! What a wonderful family getaway! I am so happy it was a fun time for all of you. Your photos are beautiful dear friend! I hope you are doing well and having nice weather. Sending you a hug and blessings! Much love, Paula xo