Sunday, March 13, 2011

We Are Here!

Minnesota Boys in Arizona
After appx. 26 hours in the car, 1,718 miles and 8 states we are in Arizona - YEAH! The boys did wonderful and so did we :)! Tomorrow we are off to the desert museum in Tuscon and hopefully, the Casa Grande Ruins. We are then on to Mesa.

Tonight the boys shocked the other people at the hotel by swimming in the outdoor UNHEATED swimming pool. I assured them that for those Minnesota boys it was nothing compared to winter back home.

Wind farm in Iowa
Will write more later but for now he are some pics from the trip so far - most taken from a moving car.
Older keeping busy
Younger keeping busy

Ghost town in New Mexico
Pronghorn in New Mexico

Daddy driving

Great food at a wonderful restaurant in Tuscon (below)


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