Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Big Adventure - Preparation Part #2

Our Growing Stack of STUFF
We are now down to days before we leave on our Grand Adventure and we are all getting excited. The Little has been having a rash of tantrums and we are all hoping that this little step away from the day-to-day routine will help move us past this stage.

Fabric Buckets
(I have been saving this license plate fabric for just the right project!)
I have wrapped up all the sewing I intended to do. The fabric buckets for the boys are done and I stitched up an organizer to hang between their seats. The DSi and Leapster cases are complete as are the zippered pouches for their markers and colored pencils. All the books are packed and a selection of movies have been put aside. I have my goody bins ready for when "are we there yet?" requires a new diversion.

Zippered Pouches for Colored Pencils and Markers
The Dinosaur Playmat

To help with one of the things in the goody box - a tube of dinosaurs (the Little's new FAVORITE subject is dinosaurs) - I made a felt play mat that he can put on his lap. It is complete with stuffed rocks, bushes a stream and lake and a volcano. I backed it with burlap to prevent it from slipping off his little lap. He has seen it but is eager to put it to use in the car.  Tonight I am off to the library to pick up some books on CD. I am thinking Harry Potter (the hubby and I have both read them but our Older hasn't been interested - hope this will help) and some more Gary Paulsen (we have been reading his Francis Tucket series out loud and are LOVING it!).  We also have Car Bingo and maps and all kinds of other distractions to make the hours in the car a little easier for them.

I have also packed my books and selected my embroidery and knitting projects for the car. I am looking forward to some solid creating time as the scenery rolls past.

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