Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Big Adventure - Preparation Part 1

Embroidery Bag - complete with attached needle book
In just a couple short weeks we are going on an ADVENTURE! We are going to embark on our first ever cross-country family car trip. My parents winter near Phoenix and after a LONG, COLD, SNOWY winter we are heading south to visit Grandma & Grandpa. Since my husband hates to fly, we are driving.

In preparation for this great adventure, I have been sewing up a storm and creating little stacks all over the house. Stacks of books and magazines, lists and newspaper clippings, fabrics and notions. All things that will make the 26 hours down and 26 hours back in the car a little saner. So far I have created a small stack of desert books and animal guide books (along with the binoculars) so we can identify wildlife that we (hope) to see and a stack of magazines for mommy and daddy to read while the other is driving and the kids are asking "are we there yet?".

Knitting Bag with interior divided pocket for needles and hooks
On the creative front, I have made a new knitting bag and a new embroidery bag for myself. All those hours in the car will hopefully lead to many completed projects! For the boys I have made some fabric buttons to rein in all those little things that can end up on the floor. On deck to make, a Leapster case and a DSi case, something for their books and a crayon roll and colored pencil roll. Now, let's see if I get them all done :)!

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