Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Abelskiver

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I greeted the day with breakfast in bed (at 6:45am) prepared and served by my amazing 9 year old. I then spent the morning at church in the company of good friends serving good homemade food. We then made the short trip to my parents house to have Abelskiver. I have been eating Abelskiver (or baseball pancakes as the kids call them) since before I can remember - my grandma made them for her grandchildren and now my mom makes them for hers and some day I hope to make them for mine.
They are a Danish recipe (my mom's mom is Danish) and made in a special pan (above). We serve them with homemade raspberry jelly, maple syrup or brown sugar - the eater chooses their favorite topping. The grandchildren have a running contest as to who has the record for eating the most. My nephew (who just turned 18) currently holds his generation's record (his dad - my brother - holds our generations) although my 9 year old is starting to hold his own - he ate 10 on Sunday! He also had his first lesson in the preparation of them as he helped his grandma mix the better and put them in the pan. He was there to help her with the test run of her new electric pan which will let her make them when a stove is not available. He had a good time and I hope that there are more cooking lessons in his future!

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