Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A History Field Trip

This past weekend my mom and I took my oldest son and my niece on a little field trip. We went to the historical society museum in the town where my mom and dad grew up. It is a tiny town in central Minnesota that was settled by Swedish immigrants. The museum was having an open house and we decided it would be a great way to introduce the two kids to a little of their own histories. They toured 3 school houses - one room log, one room clap board and a two room clapboard.

The saw an old police car and sat in an old fire truck. They watched a man bake bread in an outdoor oven and saw a blacksmith shop. And this was just the outside :)! Inside they learned a little about logging and that they had great, great grandfathers who were loggers right there in that county. They also learned about the Native Americans who first populated our great state as well as the maple syrup and wild rice that they harvested. It is really a very nice little museum and the perfect size for kids to continue learning about their past.

I also had a good time exploring the quilt exhibit, talking to a spinner and knitter and picking up a few more plants for my garden at the garden club's plant sale.

It was a great day and I look forward to many more like it this summer!

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