Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mommy Made - Two From One

My mom pointed out to me a while ago that I have never explained the name of the blog. I think it is finally time. I love to make things and if I have the time, skill and materials I would rather make something than buy it. So, in that spirit, the other day I noticed that my youngest had holes in the knees of his pants. Instead of throwing them away I decided to repurpose them and ended up with two things out of one.

I first cut the legs of the pants off just above the holes and hemmed around each leg making my little guy a "new" pair of shorts.

I then took the legs that I had cut off and sewed them into a bag using what were the cargo pockets of the pants as the front of the bag. I sewed in a liner using some stone fabric I already had. All I had to buy was a strap which I could have made but I wanted it sturdy enough to stand up to all the rocks it most likely will be carrying from our nature walks. An unplanned surprise came when the bag was all complete and we looked hard at the bag and realized it looked just like my little birdwatchers favorite bird - an owl - so was born the Owl Bag :)!

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