Saturday, March 9, 2013

Road Tripping Down Route 66

Heading for Mesa, AZ to visit my parents and doing a little sightseeing along the way. Highlights of the day were stops along historic Route 66 in Kansas and Oklahoma. The Kansas section may be small (only about 13 miles) but it was wonderful! They are doing so much to restore as much as they can. Here are a few pictures from our day...
The tow truck that inspired the "Mater" character in the movie Cars and a cute little Cars fan to boot :)!

Many great old gas stations - some beautifully and lovingly restored like these two.

A great bit of rusty vintage goodness! One of these just may be framed...

Two handsome boys at the Blue Whale - part of an old theme park along the route.

A VERY old gas station - never had electricity and was heated by fireplace. LOVE the daffodils outside the door.

Tomorrow...on to New Mexico!

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  1. I have so many great memories of traveling along Route 66 when I was a kid. We were transferred alot(Dad Navy), so my mom would take Route 66 as much as possible.....more I think to give her peace while we were transfixed looking out the windows. Have fun!!!