Friday, January 18, 2013

They're For The Dogs

This past summer while working my booth at the Goose Lake Farmer's Market, a conversation sprung up between a couple of customers and I in regards to one of the fabric pouches I make. This particular one was made using a lovely lilac fabric. As we talked I learned that they raised show dogs, Keeshounds to be specific. Lovely, beautiful dogs! The reason for their interest in the lilac pouch was that one of their dog's call names was Lilac and the were hoping the pouch would be the right size to fit her show lead and her prize ribbons. That particular pouch was not the right size but as we talked we decided I should try and make some that would fit both size wise as well fabric wise. A new product line was born! That day she placed orders for 5 "Show Bags" - Malibu, Cedar, Berry, Orchid and Lilac. Specific fabric was searched out if something appropriate wasn't in the stash and pouches were made. They apparently worked great because more were ordered :)! Top Hat And Tails, Seamus, Cubit and Tracker were made and delivered. Yet to come...Max (still searching for fabric with a Roman feel - full name is Maximillian), Ranger (Yukon Denali) and Yoshi (or Stetson). Also, two brace bags (where two dogs are shown together) in blue and green stripes. I am having such fun with these and hope that they may lead to a few more orders from other dog owners who see them at the dog shows. We shall see...

I have no pictures of the first five bags (bad me - will be getting some - maybe even with their dogs :) - how cool would that be!) but here are pics of the last 4 I made.

Tracker's Pouch - made with tracks fabric for the outside and a wildlife print for the inside.
The buttons is a vintage one from my collection.

Seamus's Pouch - featuring a clover fabric for the exterior and a marble like fabric for the interior - both stash fabrics! Finished off with a vintage buttons from my collection 

Cubit's Pouch - Cubit themed fabric (found at Joann) and a dog track fabric (found at a specialty quilt shop) with a great cube button from my stash!

Top Hat & Tails - My Favorite! Made from a vintage 1930's tuxedo shirt for the outside, bone fabric for the inside
and a great cuff link style button from my stash to finish it off!

A little Christmas gift for my client - a Treat Pouch using leftovers from the Top Hat & Tails pouch and a button from my stash.

(Sorry for the quality of the photos. My new laptop and I are still getting to know each other and I am still looking for a good Photo Editor program. I miss Picnik! Any recommendations?)

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