Saturday, October 2, 2010

A New Adventure!!!

Weekend Cottage Antiques

My mother-in-law and I have moved into our new endeavor today! We rented a booth at Weekend Cottage Antiques and are excited to see how it all goes. The shop is open Friday - Sunday and is located in Clear Lake, MN just off Cty. Rd 10 (not to far off of I94 from Clearwater). My in-laws have been antique dealers since they retired from teaching over 10 years ago. This is my first go (outside of a few things in my in-laws shops). I have included some of my homemades - I am calling that little side business "Remnants" being that I use remnants from the past in the form of antiques and antique sewing notions as well as remnants of yarn and fabric that I try to put to use in new ways.

Auntie Pat's Dishclothes

Toddler Bucket Hats handknit using leftover yarn

Toddler Teddy Bear Hats handknit using yarn left over from other projects

Teddy Bear Sweater handknit using leftover yarn.

Little girl aprons handsewn using recycled jeans, leftover fabric and vintage notions

Jam Tart Pincusions handmade using vintage jelly molds, doilies fabric and buttons

And we have quite a bit more room so there will be much more added!!!

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