Saturday, October 23, 2010

MEA Weekend in Minnesota

(A trip to Fergus for a little antique shopping and inspiration)

(The weary hunter)

(Sunset in Sepia)

Every year the school students in Minnesota get 2 days off at the end of October so the teachers can attend the annual education conference. Our family has turned this weekend into a hunting weekend up at North. Daddy (and sometimes Mommy with her camera) goes out in search of the sometimes elusive ducks and geese making their way south for the winter and the boys get some time with their Papa and Gima Melon. So far this year daddy has gotten 2 ducks and mommy has knit a couple Christmas ornaments, a dolly sweater and a couple dishclothes. The boys have explored the woods, played football and just enjoyed being kids with nothing to do but PLAY!

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