Friday, June 18, 2010

Eidem Farm Field Trip

On Wednesday the boys and I went with my mom to visit Eidem Farm. It is a historical site just a few suburbs over that we have driven by countless times but never visited. I am so glad we finally did! It is a farm established by a Norwegian immigrant and has been set up to represent what it looked like in 1900. What is so fun for us is that my great-great-great grandfather farmed about a mile from there at the same time. The farm has a free open house every Wednesday from 1P-3P and I highly recommend it if you live in the Twin Cities. There are costumed interpreters who help you pump water, wash and hang clothes, feed the calf, roll a hoop with a stick and poke around the house. No where was there a sign that said don't touch - the kids were able to play the piano, lay in the hammock, swing on the old tree swing (my mom even gave that a try), sit on the old farm implements, poke around the icebox and really get a feel for the place. We will be making a number of visits there this summer I think - maybe even try out one of their teas or summer concerts.

Grandma on the tree swing and the big rolling a hoop which he mastered quite quickly.

The boys petting the goats and the little giving his all at pumping water.

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