Monday, October 15, 2012

Projects From The Last Month

Just a few pics of some of the latest additions to the market booth (and my own sewing table :) ) from the last couple weeks...

A few new bags

"Bird In Basket" in my new BOHO style. Fabulous old fabrics trimmed out with a big 'ol vintage button.
Round 2 for Masco seeds...this one a little more girly then the last with vintage doilies trimming it.
A Mushroom Tote made from a great linen towel and an autumnal plaid. Finished with a great vintage wool button.

A few more little goodies for the purse or drawer...

Lavender sachets made from vintage hankies that had lived their past lives gloriously
but now with holes or stains needed a new calling.
Pocket kleenex protectors.
 And some fun little items for the Autumn table...
Rag Ball Acorns
Vintage Doily Luminara Pumpkins

Fabric charm pack pumpkins
And in the kitchen while I'm sewing...
Homemade chicken stock for lots of soups this winter. 

And lots of crockpot meals - this one with locally grown cabbage.

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