Sunday, October 7, 2012

Friends Again! (And A Market Update)

With a little research I was able to solve my no photo stand off with Blogger. Yeah! SO, hopefully this means I will be in the space regularly again.

Here are some pics of some of my recent additions to the market table at Goose Lake Winery's Artisan & Farmer's Market. Just three left (one of which - Oct. 20 - I won't be at)! The market on October 27 will be a grand affair with the Winery throwing it's annual Harvest Festival! Please come and join in the fun!

Reversible Cup Cozies in loads of different prints! There is one to match everyone on your  stocking stuffer list!

Stuffed handmade pumpkins being guarded by a couple "Tweedy Birds" and a "Mourning Crow".

T-shirt arm bands are proving to be a nice thing to have on the table. I am selling one or two sets a week.

One of my new BOHO design bags - this one in an orange and yellow iris print.
A patchwork BOHO bag - this is one of my favorites!
Another BOHO bag in a cheery orange and yellow flower print.

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