Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Few More Bags - These For Exit 55 In Fergus Falls

I still can't seem to get back in the groove here in this space. Baseball is now complete (with a fabulous 2nd place trophy won by our very proud 10 year old) and the garden is really coming along (made 6 jars of strawberry/rhubarb jam yesterday entirely made from fruits from my garden) so I really should be able to find my way here more often.

Here are a few more bags that I have completed over the last few months - all with the help of my mom! These are in Exit 55 Antiques in Fergus Falls.

"Sunshiney Day"
(Made using a vintage curtain and vintage tablecloth and
trimmed with a remnant doily and vintage buttons.)

"Rooster Pecking Corn"
(Made using a piece of a vintage dishcloth and remnant vintage gingham.
Lined with reproduction fabric. Trimmed with vintage buttons.)

"Lion's Best" (SOLD)
(Made using a vintage feedsack for the outside and remnant checked fabric for the liner.
Trimmed with vintage doilies and buttons.)

"Grandmother's Flower Garden"
(Made using 2 vintage tableclothes (a red and white checked was used for the liner) and
a vintage doily and button for trim)

"North Dakota Sunflowers"
(Made from a dress my MIL made and wore back in the 70s.
Trimmed using a vintage doily and button for the pocket.)

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  1. Those are so lovely! I think I like the one at the top the best. The print is so cheerful. :)