Friday, September 17, 2010

A Little Denim A Little Frill

I have been planning on making this little apron for quite some time and yesterday I finally buckled down and did it! And I LOVE it! The ruffle is a remnant of some fabric from my mom, the body of the apron is the butt of a pair of my oldest's old jeans (they wouldn't live on to the next boy - VERY holey knees), the tie is the waist band and ties from a vintage apron and the flower on the pocket is vintage lace and a vintage button. All things I had on hand! I immediately dug through my stashes and found items to make 2 more. That is my afternoon project. I can't wait!
P.S. Information on where this as well as the Jam Tarts and Rag Ball Acorns can be purchased will follow in a future post.

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