Monday, September 6, 2010

A Homemade Birthday Present

My youngest was invited to his very first birthday party - the party was for one of his little friends at church who is the youngest of 4 girls. While we couldn't attend the party we wanted to make sure that we made her a present that was individually hers. Here is what we made: homemade heart-shaped crayons (using broken crayons), a homemade blank book using supplies I already had on hand and a homemade bag using fabrics from my stash. With Grandma's help making the crayons and the book I think we turned out a lovely, homemade and inexpensive (FREE) birthday present. This is definately an idea I will use again!


  1. Lucky Claire- it's a beautiful present:-)

  2. Thank you for visiting! I am so excited to have a reader from Norway. I am over 1/2 Norwegian. Please come back again!