Monday, April 26, 2010

Up North

This weekend we made our first trip of the season "Up North". (That is the Minnesotan way of saying that we are going to the cabin or anywhere else north of where we currently are. Even my newly turned 3 year old has already started using the phrase.) We are lucky - my husband's parents living on a lake in central Minnesota and also own a farm in the same area so we have lots of room to roam and explore whether it's hiking, fishing, hunting or anything else that sparks our fancies. The highlight of this past weekend (besides getting loads of Grandma and Grandpa love!) was our "duck drive" on the way home. We went on minimum maintenance roads ("mini roads" as the boys call them and searched out great photo opportunities. We got some great shots of the pelicans that live in the area but our main quarry, the skittish Wood Duck, proved a little hard to get on camera. My husband did succeed in catching a nice shot at his parents house but is already planning how to get just the right picture when we go up for Memorial Day.
Here are a couple pictures from our drive...

We are already looking forward to our next weekend up north!

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  1. It is fun to go 'up north'...we do it to when we go to our cabin north of here!

    Love the pelicans.

    Here with my weekly reminder of your link party going on over at the kinderGARDENS contest. Anytime between now and next Wednesday you can share any post you have pertaining to gardening with kiddos!

    Have a super day, Kim