Friday, April 9, 2010

First Major Attempt At Quilting

I have always wanted to try quilting but outside of the little dolly quilts I made as a child, I never took the big leap...until this winter. It was my first winter home as a homemaker and I think I needed another outlet besides knitting so I jumped into the world of quilting. Now, I am not a good pattern or instruction follower. With knitting or sewing I usually start with a pattern and then go off on my own. So, with quilting I kinda did the same thing. I gathered fabrics I liked and cut them into different size squares put them together in a way that pleased me and sewed. I then embroidered some pictures on the plain linen squares I had added in at random places. I even turned some tiny yoyos into blueberries and connected them with embroidered branches. Here is what I ended up with - a toddler quilt for my 3 year old.

My mom - an experienced quilter - came over and helped me put the back on (below), tie it and put on the binding.

I had such a good time that I have started a twin size for my 9 year old and the top is almost complete. I already have plans for a summer quilt to carry with us on our summer excursions.

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