Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Studio Happenings

After realizing that market season is fast approaching and I had no new items to bring, I recently got really busy in the studio. The last two days have been quite productive - pin cushions made from a vintage quilt that had seen better days, yo-yo barrettes from vintage and reproduction vintage fabrics and a few new pin cushions using vintage containers.

Lots of fabulous spring colors on the table - much needed since we have another 6 inches of snow in our foreseeable forecast...(Groundhog seriously lied!!!)

Yo-yo barrettes - these are all made from reproduction vintage fabrics. My mom has a source down in Mesa where she picks up lovely reproduction vintage fabrics for very inexpensive prices.

Pin cushions from an old vintage quilt.
I have just enough of the quilt left to make a few patchwork birds.

A new teacup pin cushion and an adorable hen pin cushion.

I also had a special order from a friend for some play food and I finished that up today. I also am knitting some produce bags for the start of market. One of the other vendors at the market sells organic produce and I thought they would be a nice tie-in. I also have a special order knitting order to work on that needs to be finished in the next week or two - matching hats for the photographer I knit for - she will be photographing twin boys soon. I also need to get a few new bags created. Don't really want to go to market with the same stock as last year. There are many regulars there so I want to keep in mind that they are going to want to see something fresh. Add to this the standing order for dog lead bags and the horse show magnets I have been commissioned to make, I have enough to keep me busy :)!

 A couple fabrics I am considering for my next bag - it will be handbag size with pleats I think....

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