Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent Traditions

One of my favorite traditions as a child the daily tradition of snapping the ornament on our advent calendar. My mom and her sister have matching homemade advent calendars so we new that our cousin's were doing the same thing...a fun tie to family who lived a ways away. As we all grew and left home we decided we all needed our own calendars so the soon-to-be grandmas could keep theirs (and siblings didn't fight over the coveted tradition :)!). One fall day we all met at my aunt's in northern Wisconsin to make a calendar for each cousin to have in their homes. Such fun! Now our calendar's have a bit of each of us in them. My boys love the tradition and strategically arrange the ornaments so they get to put up their favorites as they alternate days. Each ornament has a paper description that describes how it ties into the Christian observation of Advent. This year my little made a chain Advent calendar in school to also mark the days to Christmas. Now we have two wonderful ways to honor the season and our family traditions!

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  1. Hello sweet Carrie! Greetings to you my old friend! I was so happy to find your lovely comment! I am so glad you visited me again, as I am still trying to find all my friends! Thank you for your kind words. We are very excited about moving to your neck of the woods! The Mayo Clinic is amazing and I hope your father in law is doing well! It is wonderful your best friends live in Rochester and you can visit often. I love Rochester, it is a beautiful city and the people are friendly! Thank you so much for saying I am going to love it and there are fun places to visit. I would love your list of favorites. That is so kind of you sweetie! Many blessings to you this beautiful season too!

    I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! The advent calendars are beautiful and your son is as sweet as can be! Love and hugs, Paula xo