Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Vignettes

This year I had a good time creating a few little Christmas scenes. Little areas that I enjoy just walking past as I go about my day. I tried to combine everyday items that are out year round as much as I could. Kinda fun!

My collection of ethnic wood pieces. Now resting on a table runner my mom made and sharing the space with one of my favorite Santas. My Russian bowl is now serving double duty as a Christmas Card holder.

My buffet with my little Christmas village complete with a Nativity by the church.

My very first antique purchase - a washstand. Now topped with a Italian nativity (a garage sale find) and my collection of vintage decorations in a hurricane whose contents rotates with the seasons.

I love how these old ornaments capture whatever light is in the room! Some of these were my grandmothers and other's  I have added. There are also a few on our tree.

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