Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Searching For Inspiration

Since the less then successful craft show a couple weeks ago and feeling a little overwhelmed with all that is going on here at home I have been searching for creative inspiration as I go about my day. Today it was found in the pages of my college copy of The Riverside Shakespeare (mine is the older edition I think - it is hard bound and VERY heavy)- our go to book for flower and leaf pressing. About a month ago my oldest put a beautiful red maple leaf in it to keep for the days to come. About a week ago my youngest and I found a gingko leaf in the parking lot across from our church and just had to bring it home with us. Today I opened the pages and this is what I pretty - the leaves against anillustrated page of Shakespeare. I was so drawn to it that I had to take a picture in color and sepia. I don't know which one I like best... I think I just may turn one or both of these images into some cards for Christmas gifts...

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